Discover what's within

GRO is a process of personal improvement and wellbeing attained gradually, with the help and encouragement of your neighbors with the same goals. Challenges along the way remind you how far you’ve come, and the promise of what’s ahead.

Small steps toward a life transformed

Sometimes the biggest changes come through small steps. Embark on a transformative journey towards a better you. And a better world.

“With GRO, we hope that by giving residents access to healing modalities and opportunities to build lifelong habits, that they can learn, grow, and enhance their lives. ”

– Brett Kaufman | Creator of Green|House & GRO

Twelve monthly focus areas

GRO is a transformational program for the Green|House community, made up of monthly learnings designed to build habits that improve and transform your life over the course of a year.

Meet GRO’s Creator

GRO’s Creator, Brett Kaufman, is passionate about personal transformation techniques and tools, and providing access to these practices to a wider population. Join him on the journey of small steps making big results.

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Mindful Escapes Await

Green|House offers rotational in-community treatments by local providers, bringing healing modalities to residents.